Friday, May 28

Sticker Tins

I like altering various tins by covering them with stickers. It is so simple and easy to do because the adhesive is already on them and the sticker sheets come in all sorts of different themes. The sticker sheet was from Hobby Lobby and the little plastic tent was actually a button that I cut the shank off of and adhered with a pop dot.

This tin is perfect for a set of my camping photos.

In case there isn't a Hobby Lobby near you, it looks like they are offering 40% off any one online item until midnight CST Saturday (May 29th) just in case you'd like to do some online shopping. Click on the coupon below.


  1. I like these! It is such a simple idea, but looks really cool. The button embellishment just adds the right touch.

  2. Nice idea Sheila. I can picture one of these sitting on a coffee table using different themes, i.e. Christmas, Birthdays, current pictures of grandchildren, school activities...the list goes on and on.

    You inspire me...thanks!


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