Saturday, July 31

Christmas in July Crop

One of the fun things about this crop is that we each get a gift. But, it comes with a twist - you can take a gift from someone else, or choose a new one. Well, at the beginning of the crop, Lynda and Sheree won these fabulous paper packs. Unfortunately for them, but lucky for Michelle and I, we were among the last three people picked. So...we got to choose the paper pack we each wanted (after it had gone through many hands, I must say.)

Don't these photos just say it all?
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  1. Oh! I hate those type of Christmas parties! I'd have the same look on my face too (but it does look like you and Michelle got some great paper packs).

  2. Hmmmmm....I'm still bitter :-)

  3. Loved the crop. Great day and great friends. LOL with all the prize's being traded. All in all great fun.

  4. We could share, I suppose....Michelle??

  5. We'll certainly share the ideas we create with this beautiful paper.

    Love you guys!!!!!! :)


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