Wednesday, August 25

Pink ATG Review

I've had a chance to try out my new pink ATG on some mini books that I am presently working on. Here's my thoughts about it:

1. I thought that it would be huge and bulky to use. I have found that it is actually quite lightweight and not at all cumbersome.

2. I like that is is better for the environment as I am throwing away less plastic than my old tape runners.

3. The tapes just glides on. Easy to start it and easy to stop it.

4. I do love the 1/4" size. It is perfect for cardmaking and if I need to, I just add a second line of adhesive to get 1/2". I think the smaller size is great for me and the projects I like to work on.

5. I had a bit of a learning curve when trying to apply the adhesive right along the edge of my paper. Sometimes I'd misjudge where it would actually line up and, being the perfectionist  that I am, it bugged me. But then it dawned on me to just scoot the tape to the edge of the roller and line it up that way. No more misjudging!

6. I love how much tape it holds! You can see exactly what is left through the clear plastic and there is a ton still on the roll even after using it non-stop on recent projects. It's going to save me so much money on adhesive.

7. Now I belong to the ATG club like just Maura. Yea!


  1. Welcome to the club, Sheila! It's amazing how you can keep on going with one roll of tape - kind of like the Energizer bunny :)I scrapbooked all day, and still have the same roll on. I think it will quickly become one of your favorite tools!

  2. After reading this blog, I found a discount coupon to Michael's and marched myself over to the store to obtain this tool for myself. I too, love the ease and it will work better for my card projects. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Sheree,

    Welcome to the Pink ATG Club! I'm so glad that you found one and with a coupon--you can't beat the price. I am keeping an eye out for the refills at Michael's too. I definitely don't need them yet, but want to get them at a good price to stock up. Thanks for sharing!


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