Tuesday, October 26

Quiz: your color personality

Real Simple has a quiz to help you determine what your favorite colors say about you HERE. If you've been reading our blog, you might remember that Maura and I decided to do a long distance project based on color (see past post here).  Well, we are a bit late on our due date, but our busy schedules got in the way. However, since we just mailed out our packages to each other today, I thought this quiz would be fun.

I am an Earth Personality. Earth types are solid, grounded thinkers and are honest and loyal.

Maura here...I just took the quiz and found out that I am a Water Personality, much to my surprise.  Water personalities are steadfast, tender and sympathetic, but our moods can shift from serene to melancholy.  So...what personality are you? Let us know!

And we should be sharing those long distance projects with you later this week. Stay tuned!


  1. I am a fire personality....no suprise here....lol

  2. So, now we have Earth, Water and Fire..anyone out there Air?


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