Tuesday, November 2

The Green Book

I would guess by now, if you follow the blog, or know me, you know my favorite color is green!  So, for the color project, I decided, of course, to dedicate my project to GREEN!  I took all of my green papers and cut squares, then put four squares on a page.
I found some of my favorite green photos, and a few other green items I had on hand, and put my page together with a bit of journaling. 
As you can see, I have quite a green collection - who would have thought about putting kilts and lobsters together?  Somehow, when your whole book focuses on green, it is possible! Final fun page to share - bikes and race carts. Did anyone notice how whenever I used the word "green", I put a bit of green chalk over it to make it stand out - it's a great technique to make something "pop" out of your journaling.
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  1. Maura, I love your Green Book! It's even better in person where all your little details show through. I love how different our interpretations of color were, but how they totally reflected each of us. Great job!


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