Monday, December 6

Tutorial: Christmas Fabric Embellishments or Pins

I bought some beautiful fabric, buttons and gold crinkle paper from Stampin Up, and with the addition of some gold netting I added, I set out to make some embellishments for my December Daily. 

Dusted off the sewing machine and set up shop to make just a few embellishments.  I made three different circle templates from cardboard (circle sizes depend on the use of the embellishment...I think my largest was about 3"), and used these to cut out the fabric circles from each of the three fabric designs.

Next, I cut out a strip of the gold crinkle paper and folded it to fit.  I cut out a strip of gold netting, folded it a few times, or cut it into strips (I played with some different looks for this), then I sandwiched all layers together as shown. I did find it a bit tricky to fold the crinkle paper, netting and hold it all together to get ready for sewing.

I used the sewing machine to sew all layers together.  I did not worry too much about doing it in a perfect circle, I just wanted the layers to be held securely.

I love the addition of the gold crinkle paper - it reminds me of the fancy papers that really good chocolate comes wrapped in.

Trim any excess from the edges of the netting to get the look you desire.

Finally, I threaded and tied gold and shimmery red floss through the button, and glued the button onto the fabric (I used the 3 in 1 glue).  Add a few pearls and diamonds, or other accents to finish it off. 

Once I saw the finished product, I knew I just had to make more than a few of these.

Your fabric flower is ready to use on a page or album (hmmm....sneak peek for my December Daily!), or add a safety pin to the back and it is ready to wear!

Materials:  Fabric, gold netting, gold crinkle paper, floss, button, embellishments (pearls, diamonds...), glue, sewing machine


  1. I also love my pin!!! Thank you Maura. See you at WW.

  2. Maura thank you for my pin, your so creative.

  3. i feel so honored to have one of these beauties! thanks for sharing!

  4. Yes Ladies... I agree with all of you .. thanks sooo much !!!!


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