Sunday, January 16

I love mail from Maura...

because look what arrived on my doorstep yesterday...
She knows that this is my absolute favorite paper. And she knows how organized I am so this Monthly Planner is perfect for me.
I love the little details that she put into this project like the extra pockets on the inside covers and the extra tabs that she attached to easily flip through. I love these colors too! There's a bit of her signature style here also--the brown distress ink and the embossed details on the cover. Now what to do with this?
Obviously it can be used to plan camping trips but since that would mean I only get to play with it for a short amount of time, I needed another idea. Hmmmm.....right now I am crafting more than camping, so I am going to use it to for that. It will sit out on my craft table. I can plan out blog posts and pencil them in to see at a glance how we are doing...I can plan future giveaways with reminders to mail them out...I can plan out my holiday goodie treats ahead of time and write them in so I don't forget...I can also pencil in what items I'd like to make to go on etsy, plan in craft time for that as well as days to list them...and I can also put a reminder to pay my etsy bill each month.

See....absolutely perfect for me.  How does she always know exactly what I need?

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  1. Perfect! I am so glad you like it, and I love your ideas for using it - that's you, thinking "outside of the box". Why not have a dedicated crafting calendar - it's as important to us as the work and doctor appointments and all. I love the way you are going to use it, and that will also give you a "crafting year in review"!


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