Saturday, January 15

Maura's Peeks!

Just wanted to share a few of the pages in my 2010 December Daily.  I love the format of the book with the larger pages for the photos and embellishments, and the tag for the date and journaling.  I like the big numbers with just a bit of journaling.  I also like the way it lays out - you see both dates and the pages above for both.  On some pages I chose not to even have a photo, but rather use items I picked up that day - like tickets to a concert.

I focused on my everyday life in December and tried to share a bit of that, rather than just focusing on what I did each day for the holidays. I think if my children were little, it would be easier to have my December Daily totally focused on the holiday through their eyes.  Now they are adults we enjoy the holidays in a different way.

This year, you might consider doing a month "slice" of your life in a mini album, or maybe even a week - unless you are like my sister, Sheila, and doing an entire year of your life in an album! If you are, kudos to you! hmmm, by the way, Sheila, how is that "Project Life" coming along?  Are you taking a photo a day and keeping up? (knowing you, I bet you are!)

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