Thursday, January 27

Sew Easy

We R Memory Keepers has put out some new sewing tools, so I had to get some to try it out. (They have a little tutorial here.)  I like to add some machine sewing now and then, but often don't want to lug out the machine, so I wanted to try this new line for hand sewing.  I did find that it worked better on lighter weight paper - when I used heavy cardstock, I did have to go back in with a piercer to go over the holes again to make it a little easier for the needle.  It was not a big problem.  You will probably just have to try out some different paper weights to see what works best for you.

WAIT! Don't throw out the packaging with your tools!  You can make a "sampler" to refer to when you need to figure out what stitch to use on your project.  The backing is nice heavy duty cardboard, and perfect for altering.  I chose colors to cover them that matched the piercing heads.  That way it would be easy to know which to use.

I traced around the backing and cut out the paper to fit.  I also used my black ink pad to go around the edges of the cardboard. Next, I used the ideas on the back of the packaging to guide me.  Each showed three ideas, so I rolled the head over the coordinating paper three times. I completed my sewing first, then used my tape gun to adhere it to the packaging.

Punch a hole through the opening, and then adhere the other piece you cut out to the back, and line it up and punch a hole through that.

 I wanted to remember what the piercing head was called, so used a variety of rub on letters to put the name on the back.

To finish my mini book "sampler", I found a cloth tag, added the words "sew easy" to that, tied the scrap threads that I had leftover onto that and attached it to the ring holding the "pages". I also wanted to add the word "sampler" on the front, so used some "Thickers". 
 Here is a sample of the sewing and some of the ideas they showed for brads.  It was fun coordinating the colors and trying out the stitches.
Here is a sample view of the rub on words I put on the back.

All in all, a very colorful little project, and handy "tool" to keep on hand to remind me of what I have to work with!

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  1. I LOVE it Maura! What a cute little sampler that is such a handy reference tool. I think just by having such a cute little book-you'll probably use these tools more than you had thought! Great idea!


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