Wednesday, January 12

Snow Day!!

Snow Day!! :) ...oh, the possibilities are endless!  I just love these unexpected days when school is cancelled, because it means my briefcase is not loaded with papers to grade and work to do....and that means I get to play!  Thinking about reorganizing my craft space to make it more user friendly....then working on a few projects and ideas bouncing around inside my head....and that should lead to some new ideas here on the blog!

Snow day, snow day.....time to play!


  1. Yea for snow days! They are perfect for staying in and organizing or crafting. Especially with a hot pot of coffee brewing. Hmmmm....maybe I need one of those....hope you are creatively productive.

  2. You go girl !!!!

  3. What's that you say? NEW projects? Remember - we have a resolution to complete the unfinished! :-) Glad you had a snow day, I did too - it was a wonderful break in my week!

  4. ok, Sheree, finish up the old projects!! I know... at any rate, I just got to reorganizing my space...but that will help!


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