Thursday, June 16

It's all in the details!

Add pearls to part of the pattern to highlight the design

Cluster flowers together, add pearls, rhinestones, buttons...

Embellish corners with these cute tied tabs

Cover the spine with fabric, add an embellished tag
I find that my favorite parts of a scrapbook often are the little things, like these from the retirement book I just made. The details are what makes the page go from plain, flat and boring (in my mind's eye), to "pop" with some dazzle!  For example, think what the page would look like if I put one flower on it only.  I think it would get lost on the page.  But, a cluster of flowers - now that draws your eye in a pleasing way.

Consider your attention to the details on your next scrapbook page, and share with us what you discover!


  1. Maura, I love seeing all these details up close. My favorite is the cluster of flowers...I love how you used the same color tone but such a variety that really works well together. Another really nice wonder you were hired!

  2. Sheila,
    I am having fun with these. When I am given the notes and photos to work with, pick out coordinated papers and embellishments, it's easy peasy! Thanks!


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