Monday, July 11

Road Trip

 No trip to visit Sheila is complete without a stop at the Archiver's store!  Of course while I was visiting recently, I had to go and spend at least an hour going through every area of the store (maybe closer to two?)  Somehow, I lose track of time in a scrapbook store, and even though this was a travel day, I was not too concerned about getting on the road.  I found some great things, and some will be shared with you in the days ahead as I work on them.

The other place I stopped at on my travels is in the Columbus, Ohio area.  It's called Red Letter Journals.  I think it is in an old mill building because it was very cool inside - very open and hardwood floors polished to a shine. I liked the way they laid it out - each section of the store had a sign telling you what was there, so it was easy to find the sections I wanted to look at.  For example, there were pet sections, holiday, boys, girls, wedding, baby, military - in each section were the papers and embellishments that go with that theme. This was my first visit, and I think it is likely I will be stopping again when I get to visit Sheila!


  1. I like your type of road trip! It was nice to see and read about Red Letter Journals since that is a new store to me also. So glad you were able to stop on your way back home. Sounds like your fun continued even once you left here!

  2. The fun did continue...not only did we get to craft together, but I got to visit some of the scrapbook stores on my way home, which I always enjoy!


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