Sunday, July 10

Scavenger Hunt-Blogoversary Edition

OK, get out your flashlight and backpack! We thought it would be fun for you to hunt for the answers to the following questions. Each one has been addressed here on the blog in the past two years. (Big Hint: Search button and labels)

Once you think you have ALL  the answers, EMAIL either one of us (we wouldn't want someone to do all the work and then have someone else copy-plus that cuts out all the fun of a scavenger hunt)-email us button on left hand side under photo and we will pick one winner for our surprise giveaway. Just like a treasure hunt, you never know what you are going to find until you get to the "X" on the map! You must have all the answers correct. If more than one person is correct, we will randomly pick a winner.K
Deadline to enter: midnight EST July 17

1. The date and year of our very first post.
2. What states do we live in.
3. Name one of Maura's classes that she has taught.
4. Name one other blog we have been featured on.
5. What is one of Sheila's favorite things to make.
6. What is Maura's favorite color.
7. Name a long distance project we have shared.
8. What is our favorite scrapbook store.

Are you ready?  you have your compass right?  OK, get started!

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