Tuesday, October 18

Harvest Time

One of the creative things my art group works on are 4 x 4 pages, often called "little fat book" (LFB) pages.  I am sponsoring a harvest themed LFB exchange this month.

This is mine for the exchange.  I had fun layering stamped images, they are so cool - I just love that tractor!  Harvest time makes me think of the farmers bringing in their crops, my family harvesting the gardens and fruit trees, the dirt and fields (cardboard, and green layer), and of course, the changing color of the trees. Guess I had to "throw" the cow in there too, since we have quite a few dairy farms in upstate New York.

Hmm...wonder if the farm stand is still open?

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  1. Sorry I didn't play in this one...this may have been mine!!!


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