Saturday, December 3

December Daily Template

This year, in my attempt to keep my book clean and simple, I chose to go with a template I created. The base page is Kraft paper and then I took a pen and went around the outer edge of the square and divided the bottom section into two blocks. The large one for the patterned paper piece and the stamped ticket and the small one for the punched circle and stamped number for the date.  I finished off my template with a strip of stamped pattern for a bit more interest.  Now, all I really need to do is put in the photo, maybe an embellishment, and a bit of journaling to record my days. (I love the journaling cards that Sheila found online, and need to add some of those in to my album too.)

Can't wait to see what you are coming up with Sheila!

Sheila Maura's handmade template. I went with the overlays from Ali Edwards since the work was already done for me and I just had to click print.
I also plan on adding a bit of patterned paper to the bottom of each page and perhaps an embellishment as the month progresses. I like to have that uniform look throughout my pages.

So...two different...and both great, options that you can use in your book.

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  1. Interesting how we both went with templates this year...


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