Sunday, January 8

A few more pages....

My students decorated my classroom with snowflakes, and lights on the plant.

See, there's the coffee again...prepared for the crop!

My fabulous Secret Santa gift - such fun to open...and use.  Thanks Mary!!

I love how my sons decorated the guitars.  I didn't have a photo for the day my husband got back, so used one that I took on Christmas.

My sons, Dan and Ben really helped get the house ready for Christmas this year. I wanted a photo of them both, but that one wasn't great, so I laid this other one over it.

Printer problems...for some reason my little photo printer takes off the tops of heads, so my solution was to add some funky little hats.

The month is not all celebration, and one day included a trip to the eye doctor for me. I took a photo of myself dressed for Christmas, and thought it could represent my appointment.

Christmas day! Since I took a lot of Christmas photos, I decided to use the days after the holiday to still showcase them.
I found as I worked on this, that I had a lot of little glitches, but we all know as scrapbookers and crafters, that you can usually make your mistakes work for you. Words of wisdom:  "Remember, it's only paper...."


  1. This is a great "journal/scrapbook" Maura. If there are mistakes, I didn't see any. I'll have to start one now for this year; it's the only way I'll be sure to get it done!

  2. Thanks Fran! I like your idea of starting now, to be ready for December!


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