Thursday, January 26

Now these look interesting....

It seems like the Copic markers are all the rage right now...but they're a bit out of my budget, so I'm not hopping on that bandwagon...but these look promising.
Tim Holtz Distress Markers
According to Tim's blog:
These are shipping in february and are available individually or as a set.  These markers are reactive with water to allow for amazing blending and shading, and coloring on directly onto your stamps. The dual tips are a flexible brush nib on one end for great coloring effects, and a plastic detailed nib on the other for journaling or fine detail work.  Available in 37 colors... 37?  oh yes, all 36 classic distress palette colors and white picket fence (just wait until you see what this cool white marker does with the other colors)...

I'm hoping he'll have a video to share some cool techniques.

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  1. Now those look really cool...leave it to Tim! You find us some great things to buy, Sheila!


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