Monday, February 27

Week 3: Big Picture Class

Week 3 in my online class focuses on paints and glitter.  This is the first project for the week that I shared.  The page background is painted with acrylic, and then I adhered the drawing I made in my art journal class on telephone book paper.  I got a little creative with my face and added the pointed ears - she looked fae to me. I wrote in the background about my fascination of the imaginary - fairies, leprechauns, elves, etc. that I have had since childhood.  I finished the page by sprinkling "fairy dust" over the image.  I think the glitter adds to the fairy theme.


  1. Maura, I am LOVING this art journal of yours! Really, really cool.

  2. Hey, thanks Sheila! I am having fun now with all of this. I think I just needed a jump start.


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