Sunday, April 22

BPC Week 11 Earth Day Challenge

Layout I created for an Earth Day challenge in my Big Picture Class today. I came across some photos of my son discovering a caterpillar in our backyard - seemed just right to celebrate Earth Day.  I stamped the background and misted it.  Next I cut scraps into banner shapes and figured out how I wanted to lay them out.  Photos came next and I matted one to stand out. Then, to finish the layout, I added some journaling cards, a bingo card, some words, butterflies, and a strip of corrugated cardboard.

Note:  You may have noticed that I do not scrapbook chronologically.  I think this is because I started to scrapbook when my sons were pretty much grown, and it was way too overwhelming to think about going back and making layouts from babyhood on.  Instead, I work with photos that catch my attention, and don't worry about the order of the years.

Happy Earth Day!

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