Tuesday, April 17

Captured Fairy a la francais

I recently took a class from Tara, one of the owners at Captured Moments, my local scrapbook store. We started with the porcelein doll pieces, and I know we were all thinking, there is no way we are going to go from this to the beautiful fairies Tara shared with us.

 But, never fear, we forged ahead, and put our dolls together. We did have some choice of "body parts" to get them to sit or lay a certain way. Tara had a table full of items we could choose to dress our fairies with, and I went a bit out of my color range, and chose blues rather than greens. :) We basically just glued everything together and on her.

 I actually created her clothes from flower petals and feathers for the most part, with a bit of bling. I think by the time I got to this stage, I knew I could do this, and I really started to have fun with her.

After adding her hair (mohair), and tying it in a side ponytail, making her a hat, the next step was to put items in the jar and then put her in. I added feathers, wood, acorns, flowers, a bird's nest, sweetgum ball, pebbles and lots more. Next I had to fit her in and get her settled. Apparently, the other ladies in class thought she looked French and just a little naughty - who knew?

Then, the lid needed something, so after adding feathers, wood, seed pods, flowers, here it is.

....and that is how Maura captured a "naughty french fairy"!


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