Thursday, April 19

Christmas Configuration Box

We each started class with the same box of goodies to make our configuration box.  I have to say, it took me awhile to figure out just how I wanted those little boxes to go, but then I got into the swing of things at the class at Captured Moments.

Here I am trying to figure out which boxes to use, and I put in some patterned paper in the background.

Next step was to add paper to the boxes, inside and on the outside of the ones that would be visible.  I brought a few photos and was able to include all of my family in my box - yay!

The outside of the box was also covered with scraps, and then I used Tim Holtz paper tape to go over all the edges of the boxes, and inked it up.

My tree was perfect for me, so all I added were some colored beads to look like ornaments, and a bit of glue to keep them in place. Next step was to glue it in the big box with lots of glue (3 in 1).

I found the extra boxes I wasn't going to use were perfect for organizing all the little items I was adding to my creation.

 Here it is..with feet and a doorknob (doesn't open anything, but looks cool)!

I couldn't help myself....I had to go outside of the box :) and add this to the top!

Closeup of a couple of the boxes with ornaments and a jar of coal!

My hubby's box with a musical angel, greenery, a bit of southwestern jewelry, the #1, and some pearls, because I remember him telling me how he liked his mama's pearls.

Did you guess that is me?  Years ago at Christmas on my new trike! I added an angel, a green bulb, a little spool of thread and a clothespin.
 This box has my younger son's photo hidden in the back, and I added a snowman, Santa, outdoorsy things that make me think of him. (no miniature bike was available :)

In the main section is the tree and presents, and on the shelf at the top is a section for my older son.  There is a photo of him with the "Santa" hat on. There's a treasure jar, some outdoorsy things...again, I tried to use objects for each person that remind me about them. One final step once I got home was to mod-podge the box to finish it.

Now, I wonder who has been extremely observant and discovered the same item that I put in each section?  Let me know if you figure it out!


  1. I'm going to guess a jingle bell??? What a fun class to take! I absolutely LOVE it...your box is a treasure. I love how you added goodies that reflect each person. How fun to pull this back out each year at the holidays. You know...I wasn't really interested in those little configuration boxes and now you have me totally rethinking them. Great inspiration!

  2. This is so beautiful Maura! I have to agree with Shiela...the object is a jingle bell??? What a great thing to have to hand down to your family...

  3. Not a jingle bell...keep guessing!! :)

  4. Really Awesome, Maura. Is the object an light bulb. Helen Bosch

  5. A Santa in each box? Or is it that there is something red in each box?
    It is gorgeous and I love the Noel embellishment, too. The hardware finishes it off beautifully.

  6. Oh, I love all these guesses..and they are good ones, BUT, no one has figured it out yet, so, here is a hint....think simple, think small.

  7. Is it the snowflakes in each box?

  8. first guess was a star but I am going with the greenery :) Love it !!!!

  9. not here is another is natural and organic

  10. Ok, greenery (Nancy) and pinecones (Libby) are so close, and would be related to the object. :)

  11. It's those cute little pieces of logs?

  12. YES!!! Sheila, you found it!! :)


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