Monday, June 18

Camp Scrap-Foil Technique

I was inspired by the foil texture technique that May Flaum taught us about last week at Camp Scrap.  Alas, I did not have any of that cool foil that sticks right on the tag, so what could I use?  I decided to experiment with tin foil, and it worked!  I just added adhesive tape to the back, covered the whole tag, cut some pieces to add on top, then textured it, and added the inks. Here is the background I came up with.
I thought the metal background was rather SteamPunk, so followed right along with that theme to make the tag. Stamped some designs into the background with Archival inks, to create some additional texture.  I had an image of a globe that I stamped the woman onto, added gears, microbeads, some words, and a metal tag.

So, if you don't have the exact materials called for in a project, improvise and experiment.  You might come up with something you really like.  A roll of tin foil would cover a heck of a lot of tags!


  1. Love this tag! Matches the steam punk style perfectly.

  2. Maura I really love this, great job.

  3. This is really cool! I really like those bright alcohol ink colors and the beads (?) on the tag are lovely.



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