Wednesday, July 11

Great Scrapbooking Tips from our Readers

Wow!  All kinds of great ideas coming in from our readers to help us become better scrapbookers. We just had to share these with you too!

Heidi:  print out your photos, even if you won't be able to work on them for 5 years...too many hard drive crashes.

soapHousemama: don't scrap while thinking what others will say, scrap for you!

Nancy: don't be afraid to lift, friends are happy to share!

Leslie:  always try to craft with friends, not only do you create great projects, but also lasting memories!

Michelle: never scrap alone! Friendships are priceless and as the song goes "I get by with a little help from my friends."

Fran: don't hoard the good stuff, use EVERYTHING you have...who better to use the good stuff than on yourself!

Lynda: share what you create with your family and friends, it is such a great way to create new memories with your old ones

Rachael:  try something new...whether it is a new style, new materials or new learn so much by going out of the box!

Jenny:  stay true to yourself and scrapbook what you want and how you want...don't always follow the trends, especially if you don't like them 

Aunt Robin: have homemade chocolate chip cookies and coffee ready, be sure to have lots of 2 sided tape handy and a basket for tossing in the "oops"  What do you say, we all go scrapbook with Aunt Robin?! :)

Ginger:  to not go in order, it's important to scrapbook what inspires you (if you go in order, you will be bored and won't enjoy it as much)

Mary:  use all your stuff before becoming a scrapbooking hoarder, saving your scraps and embellishments for a special occasion for too long can make your trendy stuff old-fashioned

Sue:  keep it fresh and always look for new ideas...makes it exciting 

Annette: it's easy to get overwhelmed by too much stuff, pick a handful of things and challenge yourself to make something from that pile (it might help you use something you've had hanging around forever)

Thanks readers!!

and from twocraftingsisters...Maura: think outside the box - a scrapbook doesn't have to be 12x12, it can be any size, and anything...a cigar box or coffee cups made into a inspired and let your imagination soar.

Sheila: Don't forget the everyday "little" things when you scrapbook. Most of us make sure to scrap the vacations, weddings, births, etc. but overlook the everyday--what rooms in our home look like, what we collect and why, how much gas costs today, what our grocery cart is filled with, what styles we wear, what cars we drive (how fun is it to see old cars in our grandparent's photos), what our workspace looks like, what we love about our town, etc. Your family will love these "little" details when they look through your scrapbooks years from now. Things change so quickly, kids grow so fast, the unexpected happens and to have a photo or handwritten journaling that brings back a flood of memories and warms your heart is just such a good thing.

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