Tuesday, July 10

Great Stamping Tips from our Readers

We thought we would share the stamping tips you sent in.  Thanks for participating everyone!!

soapHousemama: stamp with paint

Sheree: hold the stamp with two hands, and use your chin to stamp evenly (this one you have to see in person:)

Fran: don't wiggle the stamp after you put it down, and have plenty of baby wipes on hand (remember to use the ones without alcohol in them...Maura)

Nancy:  take the rubber stamps right off the wood blocks and mount on thin cling stamp foam, then store in a notebook on glossy board to save a lot of space

Michelle: let every creation be an original, and never stress if it isn't perfect, we are all unique in our own way

Denise:  keep an old hand towel and some stamp cleaner nearby to clean your stamps as you go
Great shares!! We have some great tips to work with on our stamping projects.

and...from twocraftingsisters....Maura: any surface can be stamped on with the right media, whether it is ink or paint; you can even wrap an unmounted stamp around a curved surface. 

Sheila: if you aren't using your rubber stamps as much as you'd like and it's because they are stored away in drawers, get them out, find a new storage system to keep them accessible and in view and you are more likely to reach for them while card making, scrapbooking or just crafting. It was true for me...out of sight...out of mind. 

One last stamping tip...be on the lookout for these new stamp designs from one of our favorites, Tim Holtz. Love them!
 These are the mini version but there are also full sized sets HERE.

Happy Stamping!


  1. Just saw those stamps, Sheila, love them too!

  2. such a fun post! Love all the tips!


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