Wednesday, September 19

LSNED-Maura Take 3

Day 6 - thinking about what I am grateful for, and first day of school.  I took a photo of a very nice package I opened on my return to school - one of my students won an honorable mention in the DuPont Challenge! Wow! I also cover my plan book with scrapbook paper every year, so now I am ready.

Day 7 - an ordinary day...and a fabulous evening of music - Annie and the Hedonists! My husband and I had a great evening out at a local coffeehouse.

Day 8 - playing around with some photo programs, as well as taking a photo of our gorgeous evening sky. My son and I went out to catch it...and I caught him!

Day 9 - focus on family...playing with washi, stamps and paint.

I am discovering that most of the extras I got with my Smash book are pretty flat, and I have learned that I really like dimension in my pages.  It is hard for me to keep them fairly flat (I am trying) and the book no longer closes.  I think I will end up with a fat Smash book or end up deconstructing it.


  1. I like your style! I love all the texture and how you utilize stamping in the background and foreground.
    I also like Sheila's approach of upcycling a container and am interested to see that develop.


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