Friday, December 7

Handmade Christmas Ornaments- Part 1

I've been busy the past couple of weeks getting gifts made for Christmas and thought I would share some with you. These ornaments started with a drink coaster, and I have to give credit for the lovely bases with the words to Tara and Tiffany at Captured Moments - picked these up at their Grey Saturday sale. I also bought the die cut shapes from them and just inked, glittered and added the distressed ribbon I made.
I had fun with the different designs...deer, snowflake, bird and poinsettia. I love the dimension they give to the ornament, and I mod-podged, glittered...and now have a few gifts or package embellishments ready to go.


  1. Love these! What a great way to recycle drink coasters. And I like that they can be used as ornaments or embellishments. Will one be showing up in your December Daily?

  2. Great ideas - so pretty!

  3. these are really nice! love the dimension.....


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