Thursday, December 13

More December Daily Pages

No December Daily book of mine is complete without a tribute to my two favorite coffee companies. I was at Caribou Coffee first thing in the morning when their Reindeet Blend was available. So of course I had to include a page about my absolute favorite Christmas coffee.
 I included a holiday gift card in a small pocket and am keeping it in place with a heart shaped paper clip embellished with a little washi tape flag. I skipped a photo for this page and went instead with a cup sleeve and their napkins. I'm going to add the journaling right onto the red one.

Since this is the busy season for my etsy shop, I snapped a photo of packaging up an order, added a business card and will journal in the space leftover.
Stay tuned for my Starbucks tribute.


  1. Lovin your coffee tribute! Your photo sure shows the season at your shop too! Love the peaks!

  2. love this! great use of all that ephemera :)


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