Saturday, December 15

Steampunk Domino Book

My friend , Lori gave me these fabulously old dominos to make my book for an art exchange. I glued these cool lightbulbs from Prima on to one side. One says Adventure and the other Life. A couple of things I learned- the black lettering does not show up well against the black domino and the glue left a lot of bubbles...but I kind of like that.
 Then, I decided to add some gears to the back cover.
Accordion fold the paper and stamp images across it, then go back in with some cut pieces
Next step, add gears, metal pieces, etc. to give it a Steampunk style.
One side of the book is "male" and the other side "female".
View of the book tied together with the distress ribbon I made (are you now seeing how many ways I am finding to use that ribbon?)
And, a side view of my tiny domino Steampunk book ready for the exchange.


  1. Love it! I just wanted to let you know i dropped mine at the store.

  2. oh, so totally cool!

  3. Wow, this is stunning... What imagination and creativity - love the whole look of it! Thanks so much for your visit.
    Alison x


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