Sunday, January 27

Cropical Getaway

Our friends at Captured Moments hosted an amazing crop yesterday with a tropical theme (much needed with our recent temperatures running in the negatives...brrr!). We got our crop goodies which included leis, so I had to have a bit of silly fun with mine!
We also got name tags and lanyards and themed pins to add (palm tree). Well, as soon as I made my name tag, my friend Michelle wanted me to make hers, so here they are. Oh, so you ask, what's with Norma and Kim? Well, here are the stories. Michelle, aka "Kim" was at our LSS when Tiffany introduced her to another customer as Kim. This happened more than once, and I am sure people wondered why Michelle did not respond to "her name". Norma evolved when our friend Sheree left me a note at a weekend crop to tell "Norma" that she had gone downstairs to crop. So, Michelle and I latched on to our alter egos, who are always the ones who seem to get into trouble!
Cute little scrap page to hold our crop memories. Hmmm, maybe that photo of me with the flowers in my hair? We also got to choose a themed kit as part of the crop, and as always, there was lots of delicious food, prizes, a make and take...what more could a scrapper ask for?
Michelle designed this Valentine frame kit, which I love! So, I had to have one and make it!! It is on display and ready to lead us into February. Red, black and cream...what a fab color combination!
And finally, a sneak peek at a Valentine project which I will share in an upcoming post. Hmmm, wonder "Who" this could be??

There you have it-the very latest in crop news. The voyage to the tropics was a LOT of FUN! Maybe it will hold me through the next round of winter storms :)


  1. I agree, Norma, that yesterday's crop was fun...thank you for the help on the ribbon! Your page turned out it! Can't wait to see what your working on for Valentine's Day.....have a great week!

  2. you are just the cutest! Gorgeous creations :)

  3. I had a great time too...and especially since I won the Grand Prize! I am still working on my Ladies' Diary!

  4. We were busting on Nick all day yesterday calling everyone Ruby because he always says Ruby when he sees Barbara.

    Now I know to call you two Kim and Norma :)

  5. It was great fun, and AWSOME to see you guys!!!!

  6. I have met the most interesting a down to earth people being part of the paper crafting world. Of course, having "Kim" and "Norma" around make it that much more unique. I had a great time at the Cropical getaway!


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