Thursday, April 11

New challenge - Felting!

I took an all day workshop in an artist's studio to learn the wet felting technique, so here is a bit of what we did.
Laying out the criss crossed layers of wool roving (fibers)
Of course I chose green for mine! And we use high tech things like bubble wrap, swim noodles, water, soap and towels...
Once you have four layers for the background you use more wool on top to create your design. Add cool fibers like silk and banana!
Cover it in plastic, and then you work soapy water into it, before rolling up around the noodle and rolling 200x each of four directions (I did learn this was a good workout session).
Checking to see if it is ready for the hot soapy water, and bubble wrap rub... Then you get to throw it and whack it and knead it - kind of like making bread.
Here is my final product, which I think will become a wall hanging. Can you tell I have been thinking spring?

Clean up in the studio, and the end of a fun and productive day. This was definitely out of my creative realm, but I really enjoyed it. I may just have to sign up again to make a scarf or purse!

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  1. how cool! my mom is really into felting and is always coming up with something fun :)


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