Monday, July 15

Blogoversary Winners

Congrats to our Blogoversary Winners!

The winner of the Urban Traveler kit of goodies is:
Nancy Casso who said...
Hi gals,,I love to go on vaca every year w my sister and her hubby. She usually chooses a Caribbean location early winter. I pack one carry on for myself and one for my hubby ( to frugal to check a bag)... Off we go. A book,some knitting and my camera. We leave our cares behind and relax for the week. What would we do without our sisters ??!!???
And the winner of the custom flair badges is: 
Lynda who said...
I love to go on vacation with my husband!! Vacation is the only time we get to really enjoy each others company. Our lives are usually consumed by the office, adult children, aging parents and 3 dogs which does not leave much time for anything else. Our favorite spot to travel is the National Parks, we love hiking and wildlife watching!

Congrats Ladies!


  1. Congratulations traveling ladies!!

  2. Sheila and Maura,

    Thank you so much!!!!!


  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!! I can hardly
    wait to do my latest trip...the family cruise <3


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