Friday, July 19

What Have I Been Working on Lately?

Going along with the travel theme for July, I made three little travel books to highlight a trip to St. Augustine.
Made my cute little box to start my Technique Toolbox class with Claudine Hellmuth at BPC.
And, I have been playing around with my new Rhonna Designs app on my iPhone - here's a sample. Isn't it cool! I am going to have to go back in my old photos and play some more. Of course, one of the other things I recently did was download most of my photos to a hard drive on another computer for safekeeping.
So yes, I have been getting my craft on, even if I haven't been posting too much lately. More to come!
What have you been working on lately??


  1. Maura,
    You amaze me with all you do!!!
    Keep on sharing!!!!


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