Sunday, September 22

LSNED Week 3

First day of fall and here I am playing with color, distress inks, stencils, doodling this week, and enjoying the freedom of allowing myself to do this without photos. Here are some glimpses, so grab your cup of coffee and enjoy.

I do realize I have a long way to go in my doodling, but it is fun to try!


Here I tried something called Memory Tracking that Shimelle recommended. You think of something, an object, idea...and then brainstorm all the things you remember about it. I chose one of my favorites - coffee, and different memories it evoked. Check out the crafty memory - when Sheila and I have the opportunity to craft together, we always make fresh coffee to enjoy while crafting. So today, while working on this, I have my cup of coffee at hand, and am thinking of you Sheila - pumpkin spice season...and red cup is not far off!


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