Thursday, April 9

A is for "A" Lot of Mistakes...

It's also for Art, Art Stamp, and Art Journal, and ready for the letter A challenge at Simon Says Stamp here.

It all started out well in my art journal, laying down some Distress Inks in cracked pistachio, abandoned coral, and peacock feathers...flicked with some water...

All was still fine with the next layer, some mustard seed distress ink, more flicking...then...

Stamping gone bad! And I was so careful!! (Love these great old Stampers Anonymous designs I've had for years.) Of course it was right on the page, so what's a girl to do? Start over, or work with it? I decided to work with it.

Well of course, once I made one mistake, the rest just followed, more bad stamping, and then this!


Umm, do you see? I am a good speller, and have done a ton of proofreading in my teaching career, I just think I had an error cloud hanging above me!

So, how do you fix mistakes and end up with a piece you like?

Deconstruct a stamped image and layer it over the bad area...

Stamp again and layer bits of it back in, especially in the faded area, pop some up for interest.

Write the word again and layer it over the misspelled one, I like the way it stands out now.

Do a bit of doodling, and now, I have a page I love. Can you tell by looking at the finished page that it has a number of mistakes in it? So next time you goof up, try to work with it and see what you can make. Let me know how it goes.



  1. This is awesome! I love how you didn't just throw in the towel but worked with it and covered up the mistakes! Great job! The end result looks wonderful!

  2. Love your popped up tiles and your save. Great colours. Thanks for sharing the challenges as well as the finished piece. It's so encouraging to embrace the imperfections and work with them. Hugz

  3. Fantastic project! So artistic and creative! Thanks for joining along with the Simon Says Stamp Monday challenge!

  4. I never would have know about the happy mistakes! This piece looks like it is meant to-beautiful! Love everything about it. Amazeballs Maura!

  5. Love the "after" - more colorful and I love the 3-D words…mistakes can take you on a "road" you would not have traveled! This was a happy mistake - it's a great journal page, Maura!


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