Friday, August 5

CC103 - a Glimpse into my World

It's finally here - Creative Chemistry 103, which means it is time for me to put on my student hat, and homework!! I thought I would share a few glimpses into what I have worked on so far.

Day 1

Creative mess on my desk...

Day 2

Testing out some new products and techniques...

I'm starting to feel some accomplishment here!

Day 3

...and I am currently working on Day 4 right now. Wanted to do a quick share while I am waiting for some mediums to dry. Hope you have enjoyed this glimpse. 

Do you have a favorite? Are you also taking CC103? 
Enjoy some creative fun today.


  1. Looks like lots of fun! I like your artistically arranged shots for Instagram, with the number of the day -- very clever. :-)


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