Monday, February 13

Simon Says: Use Your Favorite Tool!

Hello Monday! Our challenge for you this week at Simon Says Stamp is to use your favorite tool! Now, I thought about my scissors, which I did use, that I reach for all the time...but one of my favorite tools is my water brush, or should I say, my collection of them! 

I was inspired by one of my favorite whimsical artists, Joanne Sharpe, to create my own whimsical heartfelt bookmarks. This is the month of love, right? I love making these and giving them away as gifts. I have one myself that I've been using for a couple of years, and honestly, it looks as good as when I made it. 

So, here we go! On my first bookmark, I used the water brush to paint the heart with my Peerless Watercolors which I love, dripped water into the heart, and then stood it up to drip down. I like it! 

On my second, I painted my hearts, dripped water into them to create a soft watercolor effect, and blotted them with a paper towel.

I use my heat gun in-between adding colors to be sure they are dry, if I want to minimize color bleeding.

These are fun and easy to make, and don't need a lot of materials. I like to keep a small scrap of watercolor paper nearby to check colors, my paper towel for blotting (you can bet I will dry that and keep it for future use!), water brushes, watercolor paper, and pens for doodling.

This is what they look like once I finished adding all of my watercolors. You could easily decide to stop here if you like the way they look.

But, I also like to doodle these, using different pen sizes, black, white, colors...I do try to be sure to use a permanent pen. Once everything is dry, I went in with a bit of Wink Of Stella to add in some glitter, and punched a hole and added the bright, cheerful fibers.

Finished Bookmarks:

So, I am curious - what is your favorite tool? Let us know and share something you have created using it. Remember, Simon Says Stamp offers a $50 shopping voucher each week! 



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Curious about the DT's favorite tools? Be sure to head on over to the challenge to find out! 

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  1. I love these bookmarks!!! They would make awesome gifts for friends or for any book lover!!!! <3

  2. These tags are GORGEOUS, Maura! I have such a love in my heart for doodle art. I actually do it quite often. Its so relaxing to me and brings me back to my childhood. When I wasn't in school or sleeping, I was doodling. I love how you dripped the paint on the hearts and I love all the added doodling to each bookmark. You have such a talent for this and when I saw it, I simply melted. Love, Love Love!!

    Cathie ♥

  3. your bookmarks are such the effects you achieved with your watercolour brush and wow amazing doodling...hugs kath xxx

  4. These are fantastic Maura!! Wonderfully alive and fun! Your first tag has the straightest drip ever - none of my drips ever behave as well as that lol! Fantabulous doodling too. Have a lovely week. Nicola x

  5. COOL techniques on the bookmarks, Maura! Loving them! :)

    Simon Says Stamp!

  6. LOVE these vibrant bookmarks and yes, also a big fan of the Peerless colors!

  7. These look super fun! The doodling really enhanced them!

  8. Oh my....these are the most beautiful bookmarks ever made!

  9. Love the beautiful and bright colors on these bookmarks, Maura. Such a brilliant design! :)

  10. Wow! What an amazing set of bookmarks! I love all of them and can not decide which is the most pretty! The colors you chose are fabulous and so vibrant! It's an absolutely explosion of colors. But I guess that what make them so fantastic is the black doodling! What a great job, Maura! Hugs, Marzena

  11. These are flippin' fantastic! The hearts with the drippy points are pure genius and all of these make me want to ask why YOU are not creating stamps?? What a talented artist you are and I love how you made each bookmark so unique. The colors make me smile and I especially liked seeing your skill at combining those fibers and yarns into the perfect tag toppers! ;)

  12. Gosh, these are pretty! And made ten times more special by your doodles (art always seems more genuine to me when there's a visible touch of the artist's hand).

  13. Wow...these are gorgeous Maura and I love, love, LOVE those dripped hearts, they are just stunning! I think this might be one of my favourite projects from you, they are stunning! <3

  14. These are stunning, Maura! Love them all! The doodling takes it to the next level! Gorgeous! Hugs, Sandra

  15. Maura you can't imagine how I love your creativity! you are so eclectic! love this work and love so much the hearts you've created! Great project! barbara


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