Thursday, March 15

Leprechaun Gold

Welcome Steampunk friends!! It's March, and I couldn't resist playing on a St. Patrick's Day theme - after all, it is my favorite holiday! ( of them) As always, we invite you to join us this month in creating a steampunk or industrial project and sharing it with us at Sandee & amelie's Steampunk Challenges. Our players have been rocking the house with their awesome creativity!!

Do you celebrate St. Patrick's Day? Apparently us Irish Americans are the biggest celebrants of the holiday, with parades and parties, music and lots of beer. If not, I'll say to you what I said to our German neighbor when I was about 3, "You can be Irish today!" After all when March 17 rolls around, I don't want anyone to miss out on the fun.

There are many stories about leprechauns, little people who dress in green and often play tricks on humans, but one story heard over and over, is if you can catch a leprechaun, you can make him tell you where his gold is. You might have heard about finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Yep, that belongs to the leprechaun. Just be super careful of what you wish for, because these are very crafty and mischievous creatures!

It all started with a piece of cardboard...

Which I had to paint green, of course!

I used the leftover green paints to paint the top hat (chipboard from Southern Ridge Trading Co.) and wings and gears. (chipboard from BoozyBear)

Next, I brushed on my favorite, Quinacridone Gold. I covered the top hat, and swiped areas of the chipboard.

Time to add some gold. I dripped on the Copper Plate Gold ink, then tilted the cardboard to let it run. 

Now, to add some Baked Textures, using Seth Apter's awesome mixes. (Emerald Creek) I started with a layer of the Amber first over the paint.

Next, I added a layer of the Patina Oxide. Oh yes!

Some Chunky Rust on the gears...

I also used these baked textures on the hat.

Then, I rubbed some black ink over these pieces and wiped some off.

I wanted to add a fern impression because after all, you can often find the leprechauns hiding under plants. I started with a layer of Rocky Road, then added a layer of the Vintage Beeswax, pushed the stamp into the warm, melted powder and held it for about 20-30 seconds before pulling it up.

I wanted to add a bit more texture to the background, so stamped Seth Apter's grid stamp with black ink onto the cardboard.

Time to add the wing to the top hat, gears, and some sari ribbon.

I wanted to add more gold, and also bring out the fern, so rubbed in some DecoArt metallic lustre in Gold Rush. I scratched the number 17 to distress it, and added it on, because, you guessed it - St. Patty's Day is March 17.

I added in some more gold gears, cogs and a watch part to the hat.

Loving this texture!

Are you looking for some gold? Be careful - leprechauns are very mischievous!

I hope you will join us for the month of March and share your imagination with us in the steampunk/industrial style! I'm looking forward to it. Please feel free to add to the stories of leprechauns in the comments! I also used to tell my sons when we found a green rock, it was a leprechaun rock.

Happy St. Patrick's Day too, if you celebrate! If not...remember you can be Irish for a day! LOL!

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  2. I really love the background! Such an artistic, creative project!


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