Monday, October 1


Welcome steampunk friends to our October Steampunk/Industrial challenge at SASPC. Of course with it being "this" month, I had to head over to the darker, spookier side with my project. Our challenge runs all month, which gives you plenty of time to create and join us!

I haven't played with my alcohol inks for awhile, so I pulled those out to work with. Without thinking about it, I realized that the colors I chose blended together in a similar way to the colors of nature I am seeing outside right now. 

I was ready to stop here...

...but once that was dry, I went in with some more color and pounced a bit more with the felt until I got this. I'm liking the darker feel to this.

I cut my sheet of Yupo paper into ATC size and made four to work with. Next, I went in with stamps and the Alcohol Lift-Ink to create subtle background images. Then I stamped other images in black. 

 I was thinking of the Celtic goddess of war, the Morrigu (Morrigan), often depicted as a crow. I think the images of the skeletons and crow and falling man play into this idea. Then there is the whole idea of the machinations of war, which I depicted with the gears. Dark enough for you? I think the coming  Halloween/All Hallows Eve/Samhain brings this out in us as the veils between the worlds thin.

Stamps I used

At first, I was going to have each ATC stand on its own, then I thought of linking them together. I attached them with jump rings, and added gears and hardware and some cool brads from Emerald Creek. I also added in a few touches of gold to connect them all - maybe the crow (Morrigu) is sending her crows out to control the skeletons?

Isn't it interesting how our muse takes over our brain and leads us off in a direction that was not planned? I hope you've enjoyed my make and it's inspired you to join our challenge!

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  1. What a magnificent piece, I love how you went back in with the alcohol inks patients really has payed off and the background looks truly scrumptious with those displayed images. Stunning project Maura Thank you so much for sharing.
    Creative wishes Tracey x


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