Sunday, September 1

Rust Never Sleeps

Hello Steampunk friends, welcome back! I hope you enjoyed a wonderful and relaxing summer, and maybe even joined us in our Summer Special Challenge. I know I saw some amazing makes shared on the challenge blog! So, September has rolled around (so soon?) and it's time for a new anything goes mixed media steampunk/industrial challenge. 

 Summer was busy, but fun around here - one son has been backpacking and camping most of the summer in our nearby Adirondack Mountains, and the other took a road trip to British Columbia to gravity ride at the Whistler Mountain Bike Park. Hubby got himself a couple of new guitars and has been playing a lot. I've been doing my yoga, getting together with friends,  art classes, and met up with a sister for a mini art retreat. A visit to Maine and the ocean is in short order soon. What did you do over the summer?

I came home from my art retreat to the news our washing machine did not work anymore. When the new one was delivered, they did not want to hook up the new hose, because our pipe was really rusty, then while working on the old truck, we found out just how rusty the frame was since we put a hole in it...which got me to thinking of my ATC Neil Young sings it "Rust Never Sleeps". So true, right?  

I cut ATC's out of a mailing envelope, then thickly covered them using a key card and palette knife with Chalky Gesso in grey. 

Next layer - create a faux rust, starting with Payne's Grey, then Transparent Yellow Oxide, and topped with Quinacridone Gold. 

Look at that beautiful detail! I could just stop right here. 

To create more of a patina look, I added Cobalt Turquoise Hue and Green Gold with my finger. 


Then, I laid parts of this cool pipe stencil  (Creative Expressions) down and layered Black Gesso with a palette knife, keeping it thick. I was surprised at how much detail came through. 

I rubbed on some Copper Kettle, and touched it with a bit of black archival ink. 

I wrote the words with the copper pen, then outlined them with the black pen. 




You just never know where your inspiration is going to come from. This time around, it was my washing machine and a song!

I hope you are inspired to join us this month at Sandee and Amelie's Steampunk Challenges! I'm looking forward to your creations!

Many thanks to our sponsors who keep the gears turning at SASPC!!



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  1. Love how you have used the Gesso on your beautiful ATCs, Maura!
    Very inventive and the texture is just amazing! Such a great trio!

    Claudia xxx


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