Tuesday, September 1

Collector of Curiosities


Welcome back steampunk fans! Our September challenge at Sandee and Amelie's Steampunk Challenges is up and running for this month. We were blown away by the awesome creativity of each of you who joined our Summer Special Challenge!! Thank you for joining us.


Dr. Hibatsu has just returned from another collecting expedition into the deepest heart of Steampunk Victoria, with some new finds to add to his already extraordinary collection. Every few months, he heads out in the Airship Descobriment to bring back the most unique and bizarre finds. 

Does he collect these for the National Museum? No. Does he collect these for others to view? No. Does he share with other collectors? No. Sadly, he only collects for himself and hides them away in his stuffy mansion, so we are very lucky to get to see these finds.  

The fabulous "living" dress form will most likely to be modified into another steam powered helper, since he is such a recluse.  His other big find on this trip is the live bird inside the propeller light bulb. You ask, how does the bird stay alive? Well, dear me, how would I know that? You will have to ask Dr. Hibatsu if you can ever find him... he's a rare bird. 

I started out with a gesso and paint background. If you are interested in learning how to create this, HERE is a link to my friend Anna-Karin's video.

Love that gorgeous mottled and grungy look.

Next, I added a layer of random stamping...

...and then, I started creating my creatures. Lucky for me I have a bag with all kinds of images I've stamped and colored, which makes it fun to pull pieces out and see what I can build.  The lively, spinning dressmaker is made up of five different stamps. The propeller bird light is made of three. 

 Of course, I had to find some curious items to use in the display, like the dinosaur riding on the scooter.

What do you have in your stash that you could pull out to tell a story with?

I hope you've enjoyed my little story about my art journal pages and are ready to create and join us at SASPC!
Stay well and happy crafting! Maura

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  1. This is a lonely page - like the background, and now I'll need to watch the tutorial!!
    Came here via the Streampunk challenge page - my daughter and son-in love have two French bulldogs, and found a couple of steam punk portraits that match their pups.
    Happy Paint Party Friday!


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