Thursday, August 27

Altered Rolodex

I took this class at Captured Moments several years ago, and found I really enjoyed altering simple items like this. The office supply store is a great source of inspiration.

The theme was "26 things I love" and for each letter of the alphabet, I had to come up with one thing I loved. It was challenging to come up with something for each letter, especially some of those at the end of the alphabet, like "X" ( I used Xerox - love to make those copies....) and "Z" (ziploc - I use those bags for everything!)

The top photo shows some sample"pages" I made for the rolodex, combining photos, stamping, and
scrapbook elements to create them. The bottom photo shows it complete with all of the letters of the alphabet. I have it sitting out in my scrapbook space at home, where I can flip through it from time to time.

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