Friday, August 28

The start of it all...

When my husband and I were married over 19 years ago, he was finishing college. We moved to a very small town and he suggested that I find a hobby. I can remember looking through a Martha Stewart Living magazine and seeing a small article about stamping your own gift wrap. I thought that it sounded like fun and so I became a rubber stamper.

Then scrapbooking started appearing in my rubber stamping magazines and Creating Keepsakes was first published. I can even remember my very first issue. I enjoyed looking through the magazine but swore that I would never become a scrapbooker. After all, what would I scrapbook about?

Then my husband and I bought a camper. And I became a scrapbooker.

At first I only scrapbooked our camping adventures. Gradually I began making mini-books, then altering items, then home decor...and the rest is history.

To this day I thank my husband for suggesting that I needed a hobby.

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