Monday, October 19

Fall Harvest Crop at Captured Moments

Just thought I would share a couple of images from the crop on Saturday for those of you who were not able to be with us - we missed you, and look forward to the crop you can join us at!

The weather report had forecast snow for Saturday, but luckily that did not come our way. It was a brisk, overcast day, and by midnight when we left after 15 hours of cropping (who knew you could actually crop that long, right?!), some cars had ice on them!

We celebrated the fall harvest at the crop. Tiffany and Tara made some wonderful recipes as always, including these caramel apples - what a tasty treat!

Here, Michelle and I are showing off our aprons - worn in the effort to stay clean. You can tell we are happy to be at the crop. I start to find myself measuring the days by how many until the next crop. I truly appreciate having the opportunity to spend time amongst friends-catching up on the latest and sharing our creative talents. You can feel the creative energy flowing in the store!

I will follow up with a couple more posts from the crop, highlighting some of the projects we worked on.


  1. Love the photo of you two--it really looks like you are having a great time at the crop! And I have been in such the mood for caramel apples lately...

  2. The crop was fun. Tiffany and Tara are the best. Maura, you & Michelle radiate friendship. Can't wait for the next crop.


  3. Maura
    You're the best cropping buddy anyone could ask for! Thanks for your support and friendship when we get together. You're the best!
    I mean that with ATTITUDE! :)


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