Sunday, December 27

December Daily

I wanted to share with you that I just finished my final page for my December Daily! I have all of my pages done through December 23 with photos and journaling, and now I have the rest ready to finish. Photos are printed out through Christmas, and I have been busy this weekend crafting (rather than shopping). I tried out some new techniques,(sneak preview: the sewing machine is out) so stay tuned for some December Daily updates with photos.

Hey, Sheila, where are you on yours? I bet you have them all completed up through today!

Maura, was there any doubt? Of course I am current and up to date. Actually I just finished today and put it in my book. Here is a sneak peek. So excited to share these!

December Daily class members: where are you with your book? Let me know!


  1. Hey Maura (and Shelia!)
    can't wait to see more of your Dec. Daily sneek peeks!
    I actually worked on mine more today- yay!!
    Am having a blast...and on those "boring" days (like work, lol) I am planning to do "blast from the past" memories. I am so glad I have most of my xmas-past photos in a place where I can get my hands on them.
    Maura,I am so glad I was able to take this class with you and can't wait to see what the other gals came up with! I'll probably start posting some sneak peeks on my blog at the end of the work week.

  2. Karen,
    You'll have to share your blog spot with us, so we can check it out! I am SO glad you are having FUN with this great project! I love your idea of turning some of those boring December days into a blast from the past - I will have to add some of that into mine too. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has created - I think we'll aim for a date in February - that will give the time challenged folks a chance to finish!

  3. Sheila,
    I know you! I figured you would be up to date with your pages! I have to say, your sneak peak didn't give me much of a view - you are keeping us guessing! I did see some interesting elements though...


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