Friday, August 6

Maura's Book of Lists

Sheila and I took a CKU online class together. Check out her post on this project. I found my photos of the same project and put these up to share and compare.

I love how even though we are working on the same project, our books look so different. I really like Sheila's clean, graphic style. Somehow, even when I try to do that, I veer off in my own direction. She often likes to type up her journaling, I like to hand write mine. She likes to keep things simple and neat, I like to embellish. But, that is what makes this so fun for us, celebrating those differences in our styles.

One of the things I really enjoyed about doing this project was the focus on journaling. It really made me think about myself and what was important to me at that time. It would be interesting to do this again several years later and compare my thoughts.

This was a project idea I just had to share, so I created a class for Captured Moments a couple of years ago. I think everyone in the class had fun focusing on themselves, since we all so often scrapbook about others.

If you have not tried a project that focuses on you, what you believe, what inspires you, why not make your own "book of lists"?

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  1. I love it when the end results are so different for our projects! I love the distress style that you bring to your projects. I think I just hate to get messy but that I should step out of my comfort zone and just try it because I always love your "look".

  2. Maybe our next long distance project should be us switching styles - you go for "my" look, and I'll go for "yours". What do you think? It would certainly make it a challenge to step outside of the "box".


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