Sunday, January 30

Needle Tin

I was doing some bookbinding and made this little tin to hold my needles so that I wouldn't lose them. I adhered a cut out patterned paper on top along with a tag by using Mod Podge and also adhered a ribbon around the side.
 Then I cut out a patterned piece to make the inside cute. Why not?
Now, here's the trick. Cut out a piece of magnet sheet to fit the bottom of the tin. Place your needles inside and they stick.


  1. Sheila, this is such a simple idea. I have my needle tin, but not yet altered, so I will have to add that to my list of projects!

  2. I need to add it too. Sheila, now I know where Maura gets her addiction to Mod page! I love your blog and ideas!


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