Saturday, August 3

Long Distance Project - Urban Traveler

I thought I would bring you up to date on where I am with our long distance project. I used my time at the Christmas in July crop I went to recently to cut and layout all the background papers to get an idea of my layout for the album.

Next, I had fun with the Big Picture Class Pajama Party the other night, and in between trying to keep up with the chat, and watching the live feed, I did get some work done on my album.

A few rainy days (and sunny ones too), I've found some time to work a bit more on it, so here goes...finished the cover with paper, a bit of splattered paint, stenciling. popping, and stamping my steampunk balloon, fussy cutting that and layering it on - ready for adventure now!

Working on the inside and one of the dividers. I had fun stamping the dots and doodling.

Somehow, no matter how much workspace I start with, I always end up with this tiny cramped work space at the end with all the "stuff" I've been using piled around it. I try to keep it nice and neat as I go, but it just doesn't work for me...I know Sheila's workspace is tidy and neat and I do envy her ability to keep it that way. Guess I just have to accept "messy me" :) I do love my work view though, looking out at the fields and mountains in the distance.


  1. Oh Maura, this is exactly the way I matter how hard I try I'm just a messy "artist". Your project looks great!!!

  2. That is quite the view you have from your desk! And - yes... I always have piles right next to my workspace :) I love how you snap book is coming together!


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