Saturday, July 1

8 Year Blogoversary Celebration at TwoCraftingSisters!!


I've decided that July will be a month long celebration at TwoCraftingSisters with giveaways, contests, and blasts to the past, along with my usual posts.
  Be sure to check back often this month to play along! 

My sister Sheila and I started this blog in July of 2009 - I went to visit her that summer, and we worked together for several days to create our blog and make a place to share our crafting since we live hundreds of miles apart.  Since those early years, she's gone on to developing her Etsy business - Campfire Designs, and I've continued sharing my creativity here.

So, let's get this party rolling with a Blast to the Past!  (Click on the project photos to see the actual posts from 2009) I love this sweet camping themed mini album Sheila created and shared during our first month. 

I don't scrapbook much anymore, so it was fun to see this stitched page I made back then.

QUESTION OF THE DAY to win a $10 GIFT CERTIFICATE TO DEANS BEANS (U.S. participants only due to product shipping), OR a $10 gift card to STARBUCKS.

What is your MUST HAVE when you are crafting? (a non crafting/art item)

As you can probably guess, our must have is coffee! I even went so far as to create my own blend of coffee for crafting, from Dean's Beans.

1. Answer the question of the day with your must have non-crafting item.
2. Include your preference for either the Deans Beans (only U.S.) OR Starbucks (U.S. and International) gift certificate.
3. Include an email address, so I can send it to you.
4. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced on July 8, so be sure to have your reply posted by Friday, July 7 midnight EST.

Thanks for celebrating with me!


  1. I love the originality of the art work and design team here...super fun and creative..always look forward to the next post and release of the newest products..My wishlist non-craft item would be a new vintage-style bedspread..Starbuck

  2. So fun!! I have to agree with you on the coffee (Starbucks!) And some m&m's or skittles, depending on my mood. Thank you!

  3. Happy birthday !!!!!!!! and big congrats for your blog...

  4. Thanks for a great blog! I'm so happy you share your creativity.
    I have to agree on the coffee (but never, never on the craft table anymore - please don't ask ...). Starbucks. My email is

  5. Love your blog! I just recently started my own blogging adventure, and I am amazed at the amount of time and dedication it takes, you guys rock! My must have non-crafty item is Coffee as well... Iced, hot, or blended it doesn't matter.. just no DECAF! LOL Happy crafting ladies

  6. Well, my go to non craft item is also coffee. I LOVE any form...even decaf. I have never had Dean's, but I do enjoy Starbucks. I just found your blog today! My email is Lgj302atgmaildotcom. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I have to have the TV can't be too quiet. I would prefer the Starbucks gift card. Thanks and congrats on your blog anniversary! (

  8. How wonderful! Happy Bloggoversary! It's my third today July 02!

  9. What an absolutely cool milestone! I remember seeing your work and being impressed by it long before we joined forces on the SSS DT. I am still so impressed by your imagination and the way you think outside the box. Your creativity knows no bounds and I love the versatility of your style. It's so fun to see these blast from the past projects, too!

    My favorite non-crafty crafty item? A ridiculously oversized cookbook that I bought at a thrift store for 50 cents. I use it to flatten down projects I've just glued down or that need to stay flat while drying. The pages have a slick surface, too, so they're great to rip out and paint on. I surely will never use it in the kitchen, but oh how I love it in my craft room!

  10. Thanks so much for celebrating 8 years with me! Tamara,Tabitha, Brigitte, Gunvor, Shanna, Laura, Amy, Zsuzsa and Andrea - you guys rock!!!


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